Saturday, December 31, 2011

I am a horder

One last post in this year and it's inspired by my recent end-of-the-year-resorting-of-the-fabric-stash. And believe me, said fabric stash is GINORMOUS. I should not buy anymore fabric ever - but that won't work. I'm an addict and I don't think there's rehab for this kind of addiction yet. So, here we go, most of my fabrics in no particular order:

Woolen stuff (the one on the far right is actually light blue)

Tafetta and lining fabrics

Black and white patterned fabrics

Cotton sateen

Plaids. The one in the middle is actually an authentic Scottish tartan meant to become a kilt.



more jerseys

mixed stuff

sheer fabrics

fancyfancy fabrics I picked up for a bargain that are all supposed to be dresses when they grow up

random patterns

bright green velvet (got that for Christmas! My aunt rocks), black velvet and the softest, fluffiest fake fur I've ever met

these two I got at a fair and they are supposedly real vintage. The left one will hopefully become a 40s dress and the right one another 50s dress

And that's about it. I haven't shared with you the awesome silk my Mum's boyfriend brought me from China and the big bag of scraps that I use for my patchwork scarves.
I think I have a problem.
Anyone want to adopt a piece of fabric? I'm not willing to part with all of them, but maybe some of them if you ask nicely... ;)

Have a very Happy New Year!

P.S.: I want to remind you again that if you want an answer to a comment, the best thing to do would be to click the "Subscribe by email" option :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Fashion through the ages or something like that

As the current projects I'm working on can't be shown here or are not photographed yet and I really wanted to write a blog post, I'll share a fun project that is somewhat Christmas related, for me at least.
The story behind this is that I make my grandmother a calender with photos of me every year for Christmas and I try my hardest to come up with a new theme for every single one. So last year I finally had the feeling that I could actually get together twelve different outfits for fashion eras.
It was pretty mix and match (and some things required photoshop recolouring) but putting together costumes creatively and with a lot of improvising is something I really love!
So without further ado, here are the pictures (two for each month) with little summaries on how I did them :) And I just want to add that for a lot of the pictures the make-up was an important component, which I can thank my friend Kathy for. She helped me with the pictures and did a great job!

So ancient Greece/Rome is always very easy. I was wearing a nightgown and a tablecloth. Yeah, I'm cool like that.

And here we have Celtic. I'm wearing my Shieldmaiden Gown, which is actually white, here it's recoloured in photoshop. The drape thingy is a fabric that has been sitting in my stash for ages and is real scottish tartan that's actually supposed to become a kilt at some point. The brooch is also photoshop magic.

We've reached the Middle-Ages, and I know there are actually different style eras within the general medieval period, but this is just kind of general, because it's what I could put together. I'm actually kind of fond of the outcome, though. I was wearing the Shieldmaiden Gown again, recoloured in photoshop of course, and over it I'm wearing a sort of vest/coat thingy that I have from a theatre production and the headpiece is just a headband and draped fabric. The belt is from another one of my Éowyn gowns.

Big jump in the timeline up to the 18th century. At that point I hadn't even started with my Rococo project so I just donned Puck's costume, adding lovely stockings and ribbons around my calfs, making this the only men's outfit in the calender. Feel free to laugh at me for this one.

Regency! Posing all Elizabeth Bennett-y with my book of poetry. And I don't even like Austen when it doesn't have zombies. Here I'm wearing the Hippolyta Gown, obviously with an underskirt. And my hair took me ages.

So this isn't a fashion era obviously, but I was just SO proud of my Victorian corset (which was just finished then) that I wanted to put it in. But if you've followed this blog even just for a little while you probably know this anyway. I have instructions for the chemise and the corset on here as well, you can find them in the sidebar on the right.

My Victorian gown, the day version. Do I really need to tell you about this one? I go on about it enough.

We've arrived in the 20th century! Yay! And this one is really not even a proper outfit. I don't own anything resembling a twenties/flapper dress, so it's just a top with a skirt draped out of a bit of fabric and some organza wrapped around my torso. And then I accessorized. I think it's still pretty okay, just goes to show how easy it is to put something like this together. Oh, and did you all spot the Great Gatsby reference with the spectacles/eyes? Yep, I'm a dork.

The Fifties, one of my favourite eras! I had so many clothing options for this one, but finally settled on the polka-dot-circle-skirt-dress, just because it's so very typically and obviously 50s. And I just realized I haven't even posted this dress on here. I'll have to do that soon.

The Sixties are also among my favourites, though I don't own much in their style, because I think the Fifties' silhouette just looks way more flattering on me. This one was kind of a lazy picture for me, because I just pulled out my only Sixties dress and a pair of boots and then my friend did all of the work by giving me Twiggy make-up.

Because it's a huge cliché (and don't we all love ourselfs some clichés?) I went with the kind of "bad-taste" look for the Eighties. But as it turns out, I would be screwed if I was ever invited to a bad-taste party, because my stuff is all rather boring really. The inspiration for the outfit I finally picked seriously came from the Robin Sparkles videos in How I Met Your Mother. Awesome show.

And now the time had come, when I was officially running out of costumes. So I just did something futuristic, because it was close to Christmas and there were metallic fabrics galore in the shops. Even though the outfit looks rather ridiculous (it's meant to), I like the overall look. With the make-up and the photoshop-bleaching of my hair we kind of went for the "Eloi" look from the 1960s version of The Timemachine. Also sort of doll-like, almost brainwashed. It was fun :)
Aaaaaaand, that's it! I hope you were at least a bit entertained by all my calendar pictures and maybe you even got some ideas on how to easily throw together a certain fashion era look. The year before last I made the calendar with different Shakespeare heroines, maybe I'll post those pictures as well and let you guess who I am in each of them :P See you soon!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Superfluous mood changes are superfluous

Soooo, yeah, I have a new layout AGAIN. The other one wasn't that old, but somehow I suddenly thought it was way too... all over the place. And I was bored yesterday at school because we had an "introduction to Photoshop" and I know how to use Photoshop already. So I used it to make myself a neat new background :)
It's not just me randomly changing my mind about the look of my blog though, another reason I changed it to what it is now, is that I'm working on a proper website for myself and this background matches the look of said website. Also I just really wanted a white background behind the text again.

While I did all of that rearranging, I also installed a new comment system, so hopefully I will now be able to reply to comments directly (I hate that blogger doesn't have that function...). But if you ask me a question and definitely want an answer, click the "subscribe by email" option so you'll be notified when I reply to your comment, because I really do try to answer all questions I get.

I have been really busy lately, sewing wise, but I can't post most of these projects yet because they're mostly Christmas presents! So you'll just have to wait for a bit ;)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Just real quick

I made another corset for a friend of mine in the last days and this time I remembered to take pictures during the process. So I updated my instructions pdf and I also put the patterns and instructions in the sidebar, so they're easier to find.

And just so this post isn't quite as boring, here are some figurines I drew in school (we're doing "figurines in motion" at the moment)

We drew them from photos, so it wasn't THAT hard, but I think they still turned out pretty good :) Have a nice weekend, I'll hopefully post some of our sewing projects from fashion school soon!