Friday, September 30, 2011

School Stuff

I don't know if any of you reading this went to fashion school or something similar. For those who didn't but are somewhat interested, I have a small update on what I've been doing there.
Today my 3rd week at ESMOD International Fashion School ended (wow, 3 weeks already...). We have to main subjects: Stylism and Modelism. Stylism is everything centered around drawing and designing, while Modelism is basically pattern making and sewing.
In Stylism were doing lots of "find your own creativity" stuff right now, but will soon start learning how to properly draw figurines and such.
In Modelism we mainly did arts and crafts things to practice precision work (and patience!). For example, we did origami for a day and then made these:

I kind of like the little paper dresses I made :) I made 8 in total, these are just my favourites.

Then this week, we made stuffed cosmetics' bottles :D They are made out of fabric and embroidered and then stuffed and should look as similar to the original as possible. I LOVE the one I made, it's soooo cute!

Sorry that the picture isn't that great, I only had my iPhone to quickly snap a picture with :)
And then today we made our first (sort of) pattern! It was only two circles, which were then sewn together to end up looking something like this (click to view bigger! Due to my blog layout I couldnt make it any larger):

It's not something I would usually wear but I actually really like the idea and it turned out looking really good. It doesn't matter though, because we didn't have to hand it in (as most of my classmates can't sew yet and mine was one of maybe 5 out of 30 that were both finished AND wearable).
Do you like it? I'm collecting ideas for an etsy-store I want to start soon and this might be something I could include. What do you think?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I make things

Tiny update, while I prepare for a bit of a bigger post (involving theatre costumes I made...):
I made myself a shirt!

While this picture has very dramatic lighting, I do realize it's not that good of a picture to see the shirt but oh well. I'ts the only one I have. Sorry.

The shirt is a very simple almost rectangular pattern I improvised and for the print I made a stencil and used fabric paint :)
The writing is done with a very close zig-zag stitch on my machine. I should use that technique more often, it's awesome!

And because you can't see the print properly, here's the image I drew in photoshop.

Have a nice few days till I (hopefully) write again, my dears!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

New look

Procrastination. For some reason photoshopping a new background was more appealing then writing and layouting my report. How strange.

You like?


Sooo, I don't think I told you yet: I just started fashion school this week.
If this... gonna be true, remains to be seen, but my first week boded well.
Already, it's a lot of work. I haven't spent a single afternoon without researching something or collecting materials for a project and it's only the first week... let's hope I can keep up!
The first real project we had was to make jewellery to go with traditional bavarian costume (Oktoberfest started today here in Munich... not a fan) and even though I planned to take pictures of everything I make at school to post here on this blog... I forgot my camera. Figures.
Expect more of the stuff I do and experience in fashion school from now on, because I'd really like to document this time for myself. And who knows, maybe someone out there is interested as well.
New project post coming soon, still have a lot of unposted stuff lying around.
But for now I have to get back to writing a report that's due Tuesday ;)