Thursday, December 30, 2010

One year ago...

... I have given this skirt to my friend Kathy for Christmas.
She wears it all the time (I'm glad to have given her something she likes that much :-D) but I never took pictures. Up until now!
She asked me for a skirt she could wear to work, soI started going through my numerous burda-magazines on the hunt for something nice :)
And I found No. 118 from the December 2008 issue.
It really is an amazing pattern. If I recall correctly, it's made out of only two seperate pattern pieces (plus the little pieces making up the waistband and closing) and together they form a very beautiful and flattering skirt. It's alomst like magic ;)

img 1
img 1

I made the skirt out of a really soft, woollen fabric which doesn't wrinkle at all (more magical stuff...) and lined it with hot pink satin.

Tetris, anyone?

I hope you all had happy holidays! I certainly had... and have eaten enough food over the last couple of days to last me half a lifetime.
I just realized that I still have a few pictures from the "photoshoot" Kathy and me did of all the stuff I sewed and never took pictures of.
So, without further ado, here we have the first of these things:
My Tetris dress!
I found the tetris pattern on Spoonflower and just had to make a dress with it! I mean, who doesn't love tetris? It was the first videogame I ever owned and I played it constantly.
I love it! And I love spoonflower, go check them out :) If it weren't so hard to decide on the kind of pattern I want, I would order something there all the time ;)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A sketch a day...

I had an idea a few days ago:
In order to practice both my drawing skills and my creativity, I decided to do a design sketch every day. But not just any sketch. On the internet there are countless sites which send you daily prompts (usually these are for writing, but you can use them for anything really.) and I have now subscribed to one of those. I probably won't be able do draw every single day, but maybe every second? We'll see. Anyway, I will share my results here on this blog.
Anyone care to join me in this attempt? :)

My first "(Almost) Daily Drawing":
img 1

The prompt was "freedom".
The colouring was done in photoshop, but the actual drawing was done by hand.
I actually kind of like it ;)

 And now I wish all of you a very merry Christmas! And a happy new year if I don't post again before then ;)